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Celebrating Two Month Anniversaries is Romantical! ;)

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984232_227300334061462_1892382436_nTomorrow will mark two months since we opened our lovely little shop and so many lessons have already been learned. First, the shop ain’t closed unless the door is locked!  It doesn’t matter if the sign says closed, if the blinds on the door are pulled down, this will NOT mean you do not hear an elderly voice calling out, “Is anybody in here?  Am I the only one here? I see the ceiling fans runnin’…hello!??”  or come back from a quick dash out of shop to find a friendly sales tax lady from the state standing in the middle of your closed store.  True stories, but I digress.  🙂

Another happy lesson:  People love creative wonder, art, and encouragement.  We were all made to create and creativity is like the oxygen of our soul.  There are so many road blocks in this big old world.  So many dead ends.  So, so many Negative Nancys and Moaning Myrtles but life is short and meant to be sweet and the only way to ensure a well lived life is to make it happen yourself.  It may be old and cliche’, but that doesn’t make it untrue:

“You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.”-Napoleon Hill

We have seen so many lovely human beings come in and out our door the past two months, and every last one of them with a life  designed for a purpose.  My prayer for each of them and each of you is that you find that purpose, that each day is filled with peace and joy and loveliness and that creativity oozes from your every pore.  You were indeed fearfully and wonderfully made!  The first and last thing  each visitor to our shop sees is an old typewriter, which once belonged to Shawn’s “mafo” (or grandfather, in Choctaw) and was used to plunk out many an encouraging sermon so many years ago.  Today it bears this message from us to all of

Welcome to Hancock Creative Shop!

We are so happy you decided to drop in.  If you leave here with one thing, let it be a renewed belief that you are a wonderful and creative being.

Let art refresh your mind.  Let creativity encourage your soul.  Remember that as a creative being, you were created to create.  So paint a picture, sing a song, write a poem, dance a dance, dream a dream. We believe in you.

Be Blessed and Make Art!

The Hancocks

So happy sweet two month anniversary!  We still have eyes for you! ; )

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