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SHOPPER! The Art Show

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A Curious Collection of Found Shopping Lists & Artist’s Renditions of Those Who Made Them

Shopper Poster for web

Enters Cory- A man who has spent over a decade collecting lost shopping
lists and imagining the faces and stories of those who write them.

+Add Local Artists- Creative geniuses who read said shopping lists,
envision who they believe may have created such lists, and create their
own amazing renditions of these shoppers.
+Add Local Writers- Storytellers who read shopping lists, look at the
artists renditions, and create wild and wonderful tales of said shoppers.
All working together to create a collaborative summer art show that is
sure to deliver…Get it?… Groceries… Deliveries…well anyway, bring
in great local music, food, contests, and shopping cart races and we
should have one hell of a good night.

SHOPPER! the art show
Opening Night August 16, 2014, 7 pm
Art hangs through Sept 16
at Hancock Creative Shop
116 S 2nd St, Guthrie, OK 73044


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