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Follow Your Dreams & Don’t Be Afraid to Adjust Your Course!

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by Missy Hancock

Sorting and resorting myself and my life…what is it I really want? Defining myself and my vision–it is a matter of survival for the artist.  For the last couple of years, I have found myself thinking of it as failure, I mean surely after all these years I should just have my shit together, right? But upon further reflection, I realize that to STOP sorting myself, to stop reorganizing and rethinking the direction I am going would be failure.

When you have a mission to always keep moving forward, you have to do a lot of re-examination and reorganization.  It is simply the nature of progress. Stop what is not working or feels like a wrong path and figure out what will work and go that way.  It sounds like chaos, like you are running every which way all willy-nilly, but it is more like fine-tuning the navigation. For me, it is usually just a slight altering of the course.

“We need to steer this ship 4 degrees to the north in order to be back on track, captain.”

“Aye-aye, matey. Make it so.”

I adjust and feel my inner peace restored as I realize I am back on track. This is far better than firmly committing to the wrong path just because you started in that direction.  In an effort to be “responsible” and to live up to our commitments and other people’s expectations, sometimes we choose to stay on a course that, in our hearts, we know is wrong, but we feel obligated to.  At first, being 10 degrees off course doesn’t seem like that big of deal.  “It’s mostly what I wanted,” we comfort ourselves but years later that ten degree variance in the course has turned into 60 degrees and we are finding ourselves in waters we never wanted to charter, full of sea-monsters we never imagined!  OK…enough of the nautical analogy, I know so little about it all I am probably seriously jacking it up! But you get my drift-wood….Sorry! Couldn’t resist! (God, I’m a dork!)


*This Cig-Art Box Creation by Missy Hancock is available for purchase at Hancock Creative Shop in Guthrie, OK.


Anyway, I say all this to encourage you. It is OK, more than OK, to make changes to the course, to fine tune your dreams.  It is the only way you can ever really reach them.  Sometimes, early on, we are too embarrassed to actually admit our dreams in their entirety. They sound ridiculous, “I wanna be the next J.K. Rowling.”—“Yeah- right!” our inner critic mocks us so we adjust our goals to sound more reasonable and attainable.  But at some point, we have to be honest with ourselves.  We have to OWN our dreams.  There is no way of accomplishing them if we won’t even admit them to ourselves.  More importantly, we have to do the work.

J.K. Rowling did not just become J.K. Rowling by wishing it so.  She wrote and she wrote and she wrote and she wrote and she sought representation and she sought representation some more and she edited and she edited and she edited and she wrote some more and she believed in her amazing story.

Whatever your dream, OWN it.  BELIEVE in it.  WORK tenaciously towards it. Adjust your course when necessary and NEVER GIVE UP!


*Shawn & Missy Hancock are a husband and wife creative duo who like to illustrate, write, create all sorts of wonder, and encourage each other and other creatives to believe in the beauty of their dreams!  They own and operate Hancock Creative Shop, a small art gallery, handmade market, and creative services business in Guthrie, OK.


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