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Life the Way We Want It

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table shot
“How about we draw together?” she suggested. My daughters wanted to spend time with me and in my stressed out, frazzled, grown-up world I asked, “OK…sure…what does that mean?” I had been wanting to read To Kill A Mockingbird out loud with my younger children like I had done with my older kids when they were younger. “Do you want me to read aloud? Or do you want to play a game?” I remembered guiltily that I had turned them down the last time they asked me to play a game. We looked at our collection of games, but the girls weren’t in the mood for any of them. And then, as simple as that, “How about we draw?” Why didn’t I think of that? I would spend hours writing and drawing when I was a kid. For that matter, I have spent hours throughout the years drawing with my kiddos. But sometimes we get lost in responsibility and we forget the important things.

Immediately the paper, and a new colorful set of Sharpie markers, some colored pencils and Prismacolors all materialized and we were drawing pictures together. As parents, we forget that our children just want to hang out with us. They want to talk about things. They want to know us. And in our adult state, we forget how easy this can be. The other day, Jazlyn, one of our eleven year old fraternal twin daughters made cookies while I made dinner. We shared the kitchen, me making the main course and her covering dessert. And we talked and laughed and just enjoyed working side by side.

Far too often, my mind is working ninety to nothing trying to figure out how to make a success of myself and I almost miss making a success in the most important way—with the ones I love. We have two grown children who are out on their own and one on the brink of flying away, so trust me, I know how fleeting the time one has to develop close relationships goes! Remember, it’s not just in the big things, extravagant outings & vacations that relationships grow, it is in the impromptu bike rides, in making dinner or washing dishes together. Love grows in the very simple things. Things like sitting down around the coffee table together and drawing pictures.

journey drawing
journey pic<journey with drawing/ajaz with picture>jaz picjaz and journey
lizzy drawing</aliz and jaz>lizzy drawing 2

Don’t waste time thinking about what you did or didn’t do yesterday—start living life the way you want it, today!


One thought on “Life the Way We Want It

  1. I love hanging out with your whole family. No matter what we are doing. Just being with all of you is a great blessing.
    Also, tell Lizzy I want to buy the drawing of the man in the red coat. DIBS.

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