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Our Great Expectations!

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Expectations copyYou have to decide and define what your expectations for life are. If you don’t, it is almost guaranteed that life will not happen the way you want! Don’t let life just happen. Nature is always in the process of reclaiming itself back to its natural state. If you let life just happen, it may strip away everything you actually want in your life.

BUT-when you are defining expectations you MUST BE HONEST! If you want to be rich and famous, that’s okay, but own it & set your goals accordingly. It is also OK not to want wealth and fame. It is perfectly possible to make a reasonable living as an artist. Society seems to have a perception that in the realm of artists, actors, musicians, etc. it is either “starving artist” or “rich & famous”, with nothing in between.

Expectations cartoon copyMichael Jordan said, “If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you never will change the outcome.”  Other people will, without a doubt, have expectations for your life. You cannot let other peoples expectations (positive or negative) be your guide. You must choose your own path. Conversely, we expect support or encouragement from our loved ones but often these people are not able to give it. We must relinquish them of that responsibility . It will free us up to continue moving forward in our chosen lives without the constant need for their approval. Think of it as agreeing to disagree about your life choices. It is easier to love others if you don’t expect to be understood by them.

Define what you expect from yourself and go in the direction of your expectations. Take the steps necessary. Be sure that you make an honest and real evaluation of where you are now. You have to let go of previous expectations and start from where you are now in this point in space and time. Defining expectations is a renewable process and not a one time event. It is never too late to get your shit together! You can start this process wherever you are, regardless of age, finances, or circumstances. Make sure that your expectations are ones that will make you happy, not just “successful.”

Don’t forget to take time to appreciate and be thankful for what you have already achieved in life and for all the blessings you are already surrounded with!



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