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29 Things To *SPARK* Your Creativity!

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image#1.  Lip Synch to an Opera or a Musical!  Do a dramatic rendition of a piece of music that is not your usual cup of tea.  Give it your ALL baby!

#2.  Make Plaster Casts of Each Other- aka. Pour Plaster on Your Lover’s Head- aka. Plaster Casting for Fun and Profit…(but that is highly misleading) the only profit you will likely see is an enriched creative life and a few good laughs with your partner in crime.

#3.  30 Second Dance Off- ’nuff said.

#4.  Play Dress Up! Yes, we are talking to grown ups here too!

#5.  Pretend You’re A Spy

#6.  Scribble Art #1-  Scribble on a page with black marker, fill it in with glorious color!

#7.  Make Up Your Own Recipe and serve to family and friends!

#8.  Go to the Park or Playground & PLAY like you’re 7 years old!

#9.  Build Things in the Sand! Give yourself mermaid boobies!

#10.  Go  on a Drive- just for the fun of it!

#11.  Go Explore a Cemetery.

#12.  Play “The Floor is Lava”- Try not to die.

#13.  Play Improv Games- Two of our favorites are ‘First Line, Last Line’ & ‘Radio Station’.

#14.  Make a Movie!

#15.  Write a Comedy Show- OR at the very least memorize a Monte Python or Carol Burnette Sketch (or Saturday Night Live etc….) and perform it with friends!

#16.  Learn To JUGGLE!

#17.  Have A Drawing Night!

#18.  Give Yourself a Random and Bizarre Mission!  Do not stop until you have accomplished said mission.

#19.  Redecorate a room without any consideration for “good taste”.

#20.  Write a Poem

#21.  Play Games with Color!  examples: What sound does red make? What movement does blue make? What shape is this sound???

#22.  Play the “What Would You Do?” Game.  What would you do if a semi ran into the side of your house?  What would you do if your dad was hiding an alien in his basement? What would you do…???

#23.  Play “Would You Rather?” Old School with Questions from Your Mind Powers.

#24.  An Exercise with Texture!  Stare at a textured wall or into the bark or leaves of a tree and FIND PICTURES. What do you see?  Draw it if you can!

#25.  Scribble Game #2- Quickly draw a loose scribble and then turn it into a picture. Even more fun if you play with someone else and draw scribbles for one another to transform.

#26.  Balancing Act- Pick random objects and balance them on the palm of your hand.

#27.  Hang upside down & imagine the ceiling is the floor.  Now walk through your house on your ceiling. Watch out for the ceiling fan!!!

#28. The Cross Your Eyes Dot Game! (You’ve got to listen to our PODCAST to learn to do this one!:))

#29.  Speak Pig Latin or Backwards FOR FUN and PLEASURE!  Ouyay ancay ooday tiay! (translation: You can do it!)

You are a magnificent creative being! Try one or more of these to spark your creativity or use them as a jumping off point for your own creative adventures!

For more details and stories related to this fun list. Check out our podcast! Hancock Creative on itunes & Stitcher, or listen here:





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