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Book Binding for Schools / Libraries / Co-ops

Introduce students to the foundations of bookbinding with hands-­on demonstrations and discussion. Our presentation focuses on hardcover structures and familiarizes students with the basic materials (paper, cloth, board, and adhesives) and techniques (folding, sewing, gluing). Students also learn about structural elements, sewing signatures, covering and cutting techniques, and tools and equipment. As writers and illustrators themselves, Shawn and Missy’s main passion and purpose is to provide inspiration and encouragement for the students to follow their own creative paths to write and draw stories.

Step by step samples as well as detailed explanations and demonstrations are provided as students get to hold each step in their hands, witness the sewing of a signature, and ask questions as their curiosity soars. Each session ends with a hands on bookmaking activity in which they learn to make a book by folding a single sheet of paper! Knowledge that will provide them with endless story possibilities!

Bookbinding class - Missy



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